Nashville – break out your boots!

Well folks, it’s official – we’re now bona fide country music fans! After years of listening to country music and attending concerts in our home state, we finally boot-scooted our way to Music City! Here’s how we spent three days in Nashville, Tennessee. After countless hours of car games and podcasts […]

Alexandria, MN – Up North Feeling

With summer in full swing here in the Midwest, everyone you seem to encounter is talking about magical trips “Up North”. Although they typically mean a location in Northern Minnesota or Wisconsin, “Up North” can also be a state of mind. Whether you take a long weekend to the North […]

Thailand – Tropical Oasis

As we researched countries to add to our first trip to Asia, we were blown away by the stunning pictures of Thailand. This country, which is about the same size as the state of Texas, has become a hot spot for backpackers largely due to it’s affordability. It’s known as […]

Seoul – Population 25M

We officially checked off another continent on our bucket list – Asia! For those of you counting, that makes four. With a new year of vacation time and family in Seoul, we started hunting for bargain flights. After the 2018 Winter Olympics concluded, we noticed a dip in prices and […]

Paris – Attractions Nous Aimons

Picture you and your sweetheart savoring some rich French wine, taking a stroll hand-in-hand down the Champs-Élysées, and sharing a kiss under the Eiffel Tower. These are a few of the priceless memories that could await you on a trip to Paris! Pairs is a quick ride (about two and […]

London – Must See Attractions

Great Britain has many wonderful cities to experience, and London is its crown jewel. Yet seeing all that London has to offer can easily take more than a week! If you’re short on time, keep reading for our top five favorite London attractions. You should be able to see all […]

Jamaica – No Problem Mon!

In honor of Valentine’s day this month, we decided to write a throw-back post to our honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica. We choose Negril for the famous seven mile beach. The beach was indeed fabulous. It still remains to this day the best beach we’ve ever been to! Most of our […]

New Zealand South Island in Two Weeks

New Zealand is an amazing place! It has beautiful mountain ranges, beaches, rainforests, and fiords all within a few hours of driving. No wonder it’s becoming a popular travel and filming destination. We had a blast campervaning for two weeks around the South Island of New Zealand! Our camper was […]

Mount Cook National Park

After our time in Fiordland National Park, we spent a brief few days checking out the southern coast’s Nugget Point lighthouse, city of Dunedin, and Moeraki Boulders. But we were eager to return to the majestic views of snow capped mountains, and thankfully the next stop on our itinerary was […]

Fiordland National Park

Fiords are U-shaped valleys that have been carved by glaciers hundreds of years ago and backfilled by the ocean. In New Zealand, the West Coast Fiordlands have a rainforest climate and receive large amounts are rain every year. We were lucky enough to spend three days exploring the area. Doubtful […]