About Us

Welcome! We are Alison and Kyle, a young couple in love with each other and in love with travel! Early in our relationship I told Kyle all my big dreams of traveling. He too liked to travel and was enthusiastic for new adventures. We’ve made some of those dreams come true, but there are so many more which continue to grow and evolve as we test our relationship and comfort boundaries exploring the world.

Hearts In Travel documents our explorations near and far. Along the way, we try to share some tips on traveling, especially traveling together as a couple. We’re not your typical travel bloggers. We both have careers that require us in the office, and we aren’t planning on giving that up anytime soon. With a limited number of vacation days, we have a constant struggle to divide this time between our families, friends, and adventures of our own. But why should that stop us? We do lots of research and plan our time and money strategically. Every place we visit we find something to love. It’s been wonderful seeing all the sites and experiencing different cultures. But the best part of traveling is sharing the journey with someone. I consider myself incredibly blessed to have a travel companion who is my best friend and love of my life. Each destination we find ourselves learning something new about each other and falling more in love. We hope that as you read our blog you’ll be inspired to make time to travel and make memories with someone you love too!